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Your large animal veterinary clinic serving predominantly dairy herds in the heart of the Finger Lakes.

Keseca provides our clients with the highest level of service and expertise they need to maintain healthy herds, produce high quality milk profitably and remain competitive in the dairy industry. Our licensed and accredited veterinarians and technicians recognize that success on the dairy requires attention to cows, their environment and the people that work with them. Keseca is dedicated to helping producers manage all three of these areas well.

We offer the full range of traditional veterinary services to dairy and beef cattle including routine herd health visits, reproductive ultrasonography, sick animal diagnosis and treatment, and 24 hr emergency services for our clients, with phones forwarded directly to the doctor on call. Known throughout NY and beyond for our milk quality expertise, we also consult for dairies beyond our practice area.

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Keseca is committed to promoting the health, well-being and productivity of dairy cattle, as well as ensuring the safety of the food our clients produce. We will provide our clients with the highest level of service and expertise they need to maintain healthy herds, produce high quality milk profitably, ensure their dairy team is well-trained, and remain competitive in the dairy industry.

We offer more than just traditional herd health and sick cow services

While routine herd health services including reproductive management and disease prevention are the cornerstone of our practice, Keseca has much more to offer today’s dairyman. From employee training to evaluating transition cow programs to facility and cow comfort analysis, let us help you identify and address the bottlenecks in your herd that are holding back production and profitability.

But it is our focus on milk quality that really sets us apart.

Keseca is recognized throughout NY state and beyond as a leader in milk quality and mastitis prevention. Our dedicated team of professionals work both in the lab and on the farm to help our clients achieve their milk quality goals.

Are you getting the highest quality premium that your co-op offers? If not, call us – we’ll help you get there!

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Herd Health Services:

From routine reproductive management and preventative health management to team meetings and DairyComp305 records analysis, we flex to your needs.

Sick Cow and Emergency Services:

Please call in by 9:00am for routine sick cow work. We are available for our clients’ emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no answering service; your call goes directly to the doctor on-call.

Milk Quality Services:

Known among our peers as a leader in promoting milk quality, we can help you reduce mastitis in your herd and get the highest quality premium that your co-op offers.

Specialty Services:

From bilingual employee training to transition cow program analysis to youngstock management evaluation – our dedicated team of professionals is here to help!

Laboratory Services:

Besides mastitis culturing, we offer BioPRYN blood pregnancy tests, routine parasitology, in-house BVD tests and limited clinical chemistry.

“Keseca is more than just a vet clinic, they are a unified team. They have excellent communication between the vets.”

– Rob W.

Your Cows Deserve The Best

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