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In-house Culture Services

  • Aerobic and Mycoplasma culturing
  • Clinical mastitis samples are cultured 7 days a week (24 hr turn-around-time), with results reported 6 days a week along with individualized treatment recommendations.
  • Culture results are directly uploaded to your DairyComp cowfile
  • Bacterial Counts can also be run on bulk tank, colostrum, pasteurizer, bedding, and washcloth samples.


See how doing bacterial counts can help troubleshoot calf scours problems. (Case Study)


Petri dish with red material and bacteria in a smiley face

Parlor and Milking-Routine Evaluation

  • Full equipment evaluation (milk flow, pulsators, vacuum pumps, teat end vacuum, and automatic take-offs) utilizing lactocorder, Tri-Scan, and VADIA technologies
  • Teat health and udder hygiene scoring
  • Milking routine evaluation for minimizing mastitis risk, improving parlor efficiency, and optimizing milk let-down and teat health
  • Bilingual team available to help with milker training


See how a milking routine evaluation can help improve teat health and lower your Somatic Cell Count (SCC). (Case Study)

Micaela parlor
specimens being placed for testing

Other Laboratory Services

In addition to traditional lab services such as parasitology and blood chemistry, Keseca offers in-house BVD testing and BioPRYN blood pregnancy tests.

BioPRYN is an enzyme-linked immunoabsorbant assay (ELISA) that detects levels of Pregnancy-specific B Protein (PSBP) in the serum of pregnant animals. This protein is only produced by the placenta in pregnant animals. While BioPRYN testing does not offer the same detailed information as ultrasonography (twin detection, evaluation of ovarian structures, assessment of fetal viability and fetal sexing), the test is 99% accurate with an OPEN diagnosis, and 95% accurate with a PREG diagnosis. BioPRYN samples are run once a week. Call the lab for details.

We also offer Brix testing of colostrum and serum total protein analysis to assess the effectiveness of your colostrum management program.

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